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    Broken promises: Afghanistan under the Taliban 2.0

    As the anniversary of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan approaches, it is increasingly clear that the promises of freedoms under a reformed organisation have unravelled. Amid renewed international condemnation of the extremist group, Gabrielle Reid explores the current security landscape in Afghanistan.


    Attacks on aid workers: The cost of saving strangers

    While 2021 appears to show a decrease in attacks targeting aid workers, especially compared to 2020, the deteriorating security environment in several countries suggest the positive trend may not continue in 2022, writes Darren Davids.


    The state of terrorism: A snapshot of Islamic extremism in 2021/22

    Darren Davids writes that terror plots in Europe and the US will continue to manifest as traditional lone-wolf attacks in 2022. However, in weaker states in Africa and the Middle East, porous borders, security vacuums and a lack of governance will continue to enable the spread of Islamic extremism.


    The state of war: Armed conflicts in 2022

    2021 saw a number of key developments on the war front, from Afghanistan’s fall to the Taliban to the dramatic turnaround in Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict. With little in terms of resolution to armed conflicts across the globe, 2022 is likely to see war remain a major threat in parts of Asia, Africa, Middle East, the Caucasus, and eastern Europe, with… 


    The Taliban 2.0: A return to history?

    The Taliban’s return to power may have ended the 20-year war, but its impact will reverberate in and outside of Afghanistan for years to come, writes Saif Islam.


    By hook or by crook: The crime / terror nexus

    The mutually-beneficial relationship between terrorist organisations and the criminal underworld is well documented. For several decades, these outlawed groups have crossed paths across the globe. Now, with the fall of the Islamic State – once the richest terrorist organisation in the world – S-RM’s analysis team delve into the latest dynamics of the…