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    Press under pressure: African journalism amid coups, crackdowns and conflict

    The reduced press freedom in several Sub-Saharan Africa countries, as outlined in the 2023 World Press Freedom Rankings, highlights the growing dangers for journalists operating in countries such as Mali, Senegal and Ethiopia, among others. Richard Gardiner investigates the drivers of the growing threats to journalist safety and discusses some of the… 


    France loses its footing in the Sahel

    As France’s security influence has waned in the Sahel, countries such as Russia, China and Turkey have been eager to take its place. Richard Gardiner discusses the changing geopolitical dynamics at play in the region and considers the impact this will have on Sahelian commercial environment.


    No let-up in sight: Kidnapping in the Sahel

    As the security crisis in the Sahel has escalated, so has the threat of kidnapping for ransom. With numerous threat actors active within the region, Richard Gardiner explores the drivers of this increase in abductions and discusses the threat to foreign nationals.


    Snatched in the Sahel: Militant kidnappings in Mali

    Kidnapped foreign nationals are perceived as a lucrative resource for the Jama’at Nasr al-Islam wal Muslimin militant group. Darren Davids writes that the Malian government’s recent decision to release imprisoned militants in exchange for hostages will likely embolden the group.


    Greater instability in the Sahel: The Malian coup

    The recent military coup in Mali echoes the events of 2012. Despite the military’s promise to return the country to democracy, a transition to civilian rule will likely be a protracted process, writes Darren Davids.


    Striking Gold: Militancy, Mining and Political Uncertainty in Mali

    In a statement released on 9 May, the Sahel-based Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) threatened to attack Western companies operating in the Sahel, calling their operations ‘legitimate targets’ in its mujahedeen. Unsurprisingly, the group identified France and its allies as likely targets given the ongoing French counterterrorism intervention in…