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    No let-up in sight: Kidnapping in the Sahel

    As the security crisis in the Sahel has escalated, so has the threat of kidnapping for ransom. With numerous threat actors active within the region, Richard Gardiner explores the drivers of this increase in abductions and discusses the threat to foreign nationals.


    No easy fix: The security crisis in Burkina Faso

    The kidnapping and killing of three foreign nationals in April and a major terror attack in June that killed at least 160 people are indicative of Burkina Faso’s fragile security environment, and the government has limited resources to tackle the crisis, writes Saif Islam.


    Held to Ransom: Kidnapping and Extortion in the Extractive Sector

    The extractive industry – including mining, oil and gas exploration, dredging and quarrying – is one of the most vulnerable to kidnapping and extortion. Looking ahead to 2020, these industries’ often remote operating locations with limited rule of law, and the perception of industry actors as lucrative targets, are likely to persist as key factors contributing… 


    Burkina Faso: A New Kidnapping Frontier

    While militant-linked kidnappings of foreign nationals have declined elsewhere in the world, Burkina Faso and the wider Sahel have experienced a visible increase since 2015. Gabrielle Reid examines the rise of Islamist militancy and kidnap-for-ransom activity in Burkina Faso.